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Become a vocalist

Can you sing, write songs and/or produce (your own) vocals?

Or can you do one of the above and have you surrounded yourself with a solid team? If so, then keep reading because Vocalkitchen might be exactly what you are looking for.

What Vocalkitchen IS NOT:

…a restaurant. 
We don’t serve you food or beverages.

…a music school/academy. 
We do not provide you with vocal teaching, 
songwriting or music production classes.

…a label. 
We do not release your music. 

…a management company. 
We do not manage your career. 

…a traditional music publisher. 
We do not only pitch your songs but also your vocal.

Congrats, you made it this far!
So the obvious question then is:
if we’re none of the above…
what exactly are we
and why should you care?


Our mission is to help you make a living doing what you love to do most: make music. Not just by ‘hoping’ for a hit or ‘waiting to be discovered’, but by coaching you on your musical journey. We give you creative feedback on a song-by-song basis to improve your songwriting, vocal performance and vocal production skills and help you build your brand by placing your songs- including your vocal -with modern-day pop artists: DJs.

As a Vocalist for Vocalkitchen, you can, in fact you should, be 100% yourself. You do not have to change your artist identity, adapt your songwriting style or vocal performance to work with us. We are extremely proud to be able to represent talent that is rooted in a wide variety of genres, from Soul to Indie-Pop, from Americana to Gothic Rock, from Reggae to Rap and we would love to hear what makes you stand out.


What We Look For In A Vocalist/Songwriter:


Our hearts beat faster for talented individuals that:

Are hungry
Are authentic
Are trustworthy
Are overachievers
Are eager to learn
Are detail-oriented
Dare to be different
Are forward thinking
Dare to be vulnerable
Willing to grow with us
Live and breathe music
Have a positive mindset
Appreciate diamond grills 
Know who Eckhart Tolle is 
Never settle for mediocrity 
Dreamers, but get shit done 
Motivate others to be their best 
Understand that sharing is caring
Able to let their ego take the backseat
Understand that hard work beats talent
Open to receiving professional feedback
Understand that quantity leads to quality
Realize that it takes years to be an overnight success
Are creators, and want to share their story with the world
Are fighters, ready to get up after they’ve been knocked down
Understand that building a solid career is a marathon, not a sprint
Have the ambition to get out of their bedroom. Unless their studio is there
Are willing to do something they never did, in order to get something they never had

Why Vocalkitchen? 


Let’s take a quick look at the alternative options. You are by now probably well aware of the fact that it can be quite a challenge to make a living as a performing artist or a songwriter. Here are some of the traditional routes that you can take: 

(1) Release on your own label
To pull this off you would need a decent budget for studio recording time, studio musicians, record producer, mixing engineer, mastering engineer, photoshoot, video shoot…did we miss something? Ah, yes of course, marketing and promotion. This is most likely going to cost you a fortune and it is hard to make noise.

(2) Release on a smaller independent label
If you are lucky to get signed to an indie label, chances are you have to work with a limited budget. The label will obviously want to recoup every penny they invested in the release.  In other words, you will probably still not be making enough cash to pay your rent.

(3) Release on major label
Big budgets, a big platform, a dedicated team to help you promote your song, this probably sounds like a dream come true. However on a major label competition is fierce so your release may not always get the attention it deserves. 

(4) Live shows
How many performing artists do you know that make enough dough off of their live show so they have to work no mo’? Usually, it takes either a hit song to convince credible venues that your show pulls in a big audience, or it takes years of hard-work to build a fanbase yourself.

Maybe it’s time for something different?

Vocalkitchen is dedicated to helping you get paid with every placement so you can focus on that what you do best: Making More Music! :)